Premieres at DocPoint 2023!

Premieres at DocPoint 2023!


Two new films from Illume are premiering this year's DocPoint Film Festival. 

Feature film How to Fix The World? from Jouko Aaltonen, is a handbook of direct action where squatters, opponents of globalization and anarchists tell their stories. The world was fixed in the 1990s and 2000s, sometimes more succeeding and sometimes not so much. By using a lot of archive material, the film connects earlier generations of activists to today’s climate movements. Direct action will be important in the future too. If there will be one.

Short documentary Strangers in the Dark, from Perttu Inkilä & Jenni Pystynen, is an experimental film of how light pollution makes glow-worm's love life a living hell. Combining different techniques from animation to archive material the film follows glow-worm's attempts to find a partner in an environment that is no longer dark at night. The story about light and darkness moves from the scale of planetary to microscopic, from the calmness of nature to a hectic city and from artificial light to the green shimmer of glow-worm's behind.

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