How to Fix the World?

A handbook of direct action where squatters, opponents of globalization and anarchists tell their stories. The world was fixed in the 1990s and 2000s, sometimes more succeeding and sometimes not so much. By using a lot of archive material, the film connects earlier generations of activists to today’s climate movements. Direct action will be important in the future too. If there will be one.


Original name Miten korjata maailma?
Original language Finnish
Subtitles English
Genre Documentary film
Production year 2023
Production country Finland
Running time 75 min


Direction Jouko Aaltonen (also scriptwriter)
Script Pontus Purokuru
Cinematography Marita Hällfors
Sound recording Lou Strömberg
Editing Samu Kuukka
Production manager Ella Ruohonen

Screenings and awards


  • 19.08.2023 Blue Sea Film Festival
  • 16.06.2023 Midnight Sun Film Festival
  • 01.04.2023 Tampere Film Festival
  • 31.01.2023 DocPoint 2023


  • Jouko Aaltonen, Illume Oy

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