A series of short, intensive music videos that introduce the viewer to traditional folk music instruments.
The music is performed by the most brilliant Finnish folk musicians, who conjure up incredible sound collases from traditional Finnish folk instruments. The focus is on the interaction between the musician and the intsrument while playing. The musical instrument; its form and material, is unique and in a very intimate contact with the musician.
The dialetics of these two will be filmed againts a simple, dark background in a studio. Besides the musicians and their instruments, a glimmering microphone will remind the viewer of the outside world.
A folk musician never plays the piece in the same manner: every musical piece is being newly created upon performing. Tradition is the base for the performances, but an artist performing in the present is also able to part from the tradition and to interpret the piece in new, subtle ways.
The series of videos also shows how the past tones and instruments have found their way back to the vivid music culture. The series is a collaboration of Illume Ltd, The Sibelius Academy Department of Folk Music and the Central Committee of Folk Music and Dance.


Alkuperäinen nimi Musiikin Muisti, kansansoitinvideoita (sarja)
Alkuperäiskieli Finnish
Tuotantovuosi 2010
Tuotantomaa Finland
Kesto 15 min


Ohjaus Mirja Metsola (myös käsikirjoitus)
Käsikirjoitus Heikki Laitinen and Mirja Metsola
Elokuvaus Timo Peltonen
Äänitys Marko Myöhänen
Leikkaus Samu Heikkilä

Esitykset ja palkinnot


  • 30.11.2010 Oulu Music Video Festival 2010


  • Pertti Veijalainen, Illume Oy

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