World premiere at Rotterdam!

World premiere at Rotterdam!


“Children of War and peace”, written and directed by Ville Suhonen, will take part in the “Big screen competition” at Rotterdam International Film Festival 2024 and will have its World premiere there. Furthermore it was admitted to the "National Competition" at DocPoint Helsinki 2024. 

Children are the real victims of all wars, they are also the most venerable victims of propaganda. Ville Suhonens current documentary film tells how children are brought up to militarism and war. In this case in Finland.

To be obedient, loyal and honest is what was expected from children and young people during the interwar period in Finland. They were raised as self-sacrificing responsible citizens for their homeland, own needs and emotions were to be suppressed. Education, training, leisure activities, sports clubs, scouting; all aimed at military readiness.

After losing the Winter War 1940, the harsh reality of the small Finnish population became apparent. Preparation for the Continuation War 1941-1944 was partly carried out using new methods, which means, more Finns had to be produced to win the war. The next generation was primarily seen as the cannon fodder of the future.

But for whom were they to sacrifice themselves? Who decided on their behalf?

“Children of War and Peace” is a documentary, constructed from archive materials, films, photographs, radio programs, books, magazines, and propaganda materials. As well as the diary entries of children and young people. The viewer can get an insight and the possibility to reflect on what the solitary responsibility borne by this children has meant for their identity and what emotional legacy it has left for future generations.

The voice actors include Alma Pöysti, Olavi Uusivirta, Aamu Milonoff, Anna-Sofia Tuominen, Taisto Oksanen, Julius Chávez, and Samuel Liinamaa. Editing was done by Sanna Liinamaa, with sound design by Pietari Koskinen and cinematography by Pekka Uotila. As the production manager serves Oona Saari, and Jouko Aaltonen as the producer from Illume Ltd.

International Film Festival Rotterdam 

DocPoint Helsinki