Typhoon Mama was chosen to Göteborg

Typhoon Mama was chosen to Göteborg


Lou Strömberg’s debut feature film Typhoon Mama will have its international premiere at the Göteborg Film Festival in late January. It will compete for the best Nordic documentary film award with eight other films. Göteborg Film Festival is the largest film festival in the Nordic countries.

Documentary Typhoon Mama is a story of the director's stepmother Yolanda, a Filipino woman married and living in Sweden, faces a balancing act for many immigrants: working a gruelling job as a maid to keep up with having to pay unrealistic remittances to her three sons back home in the Philippines. When a drug war breaks out in the Philippines, the family dynamics are put to test.

The film was produced by Pertti Veijalainen and Marianne Mäkelä for Illume Oy. Illume Ltd is a Finnish production company that specialices in creative documentary filmmaking. The company was established in 1987 and have produced over 130 documentaries.

The Finnish premiere of the film was at the Helsinki Film Festival Love and Anarchy in the fall of 2019. Yle Fem showed the film in television and the film is also currently available in Yle Areena.