School of Hope competing in Canada

School of Hope competing in Canada


School of Hope competes at the 18th ReFrame film festival on 27.1.-4.2.2022 in Canada. This year the event is held remotely and has a virtual format.

School of Hope is available to stream on the festival's virtual platform. The seats are limited and the film only watchable in Canada.

Since 2005, ReFrame has been lightning up the darkest time of year with the best social justice documentaries from across Canada ant the world. Our goal is to foster meaningful connections between audiences, filmmakers and artists, community partners, and neighbours.

In the vast expanse of desert East of Atlas Mountains in Morocco, seasonal rain and snow once supported livestock, but now the drought seems to never end. Hardly a blade of grasss can be seen, and families travel miles on foot to get water from a muddy hole in the ground. Yet the children willingly ride donkeys and bicycles or walk for miles across rocks to a ''school of hope'' built of clay.