School of Hope & Life of Ivanna will be screened in Canada

School of Hope & Life of Ivanna will be screened in Canada


School of Hope and Life of Ivanna at the HotDocs festival! 

This year’s HotDocs Film Festival features two Illume films; The international co-production School of Hope, directed by Mohamed El Aboud, where Illume has been the main producer, and Life of Ivanna, directed by Renato Borrayo Serrano, where Illume has been Finnish co-producer.


Education in our fast-changing world is essential, especially when climate change is threatening the future of the humanity. School of Hope follows the nomadic Oulad Boukais Tribe, whose children walk miles to a tiny schoolhouse, built by their parents, in the hope that education can prepare the next generation for new ways of life when nomadic lifestyle is becoming impossible.

The film has been produced by Finnish Illume Oy, French Bellota Films, American Vulcan Productions & Moroccan La Prod.

The emancipation story of Ivanna, Nenets woman and mother of 5 children facing dramatic changes in her life, divorcing with drinking husband and emigrating from a traditional way of life of Arctic’s Nenets reindeer herders to live in the city.

The film has been produced by the Russian Ethnofund Film Company, the Norwegian Ten Thousand Images, the Estonian Baltic Film Production and the Finnish Illume Oy.