Revolution Sing-a-Long screening in Joensuu

Revolution Sing-a-Long screening in Joensuu


The 10-year-old Jussi-awarded documentary musical Revolution by Jouko Aaltonen will be screened as a Sing-a-Long version in Joensuu at Elokuvateatterikeskus Tapio on 25 October. The screening is a part of Viscult-festival.


Kauppakatu 27, 80100 Joensuu
Ti 25 Oct at 18:00
N.B. Only Finnish song subtitles!

Director Jouko Aaltonen will be present

Revolution is a documentary musical about the 70’s generation’s fight for a better world and socialism. With songs and music, it paints a picture of a revolution that was lost. Music creates some distance and in many ways, depicts the experiences and spirit of the era much better than a regular interview-based documentary. The music provides a commentary and moves the film along, crystallizing the spirit of the revolution. The music also symbolizes the pomposity and rhetoric often so blatantly and comically at odds with the reality and everyday life. 


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