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Nokia Mobile has been selected to IDFA


A documentary film Nokia Mobile - We Were Connecting People by Arto Koskinen has been selected to International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam IDFA. IDFA offers an independent and inspiring meeting placefor audiences and professionals to see a diverse and high-quality program. The diverse nature of the event applies to the form and content of the films as well as to the cultural backgrounds of the filmmakers. (

Nokia Mobile - We Were Connecting People will be screened as a part of Panorama-programme:

With Nokia’s innovations Finland was steered out of depression and into leadership of the cell phone world. In 2013 Nokia's Devices and Services division was sold to Microsoft; what were the decisions that led to the demise of one of the most successful technological businesses of modern times? A story told from the perspective of the inventors and engineers who worked in the company during it’s heyday.

Director: Arto Koskinen
Cinematography: Pini Hellstedt F.S.C
Editor: Joona Louhivuori
Sound design: Kimmo Vänttinen
Music: Tapani Rinne
Production: Jouko Aaltonen & Marianne Mäkelä / Illume Oy