Funding from The Finnish Film Foundation for two productions


The Finnish Film Foundation has granted funding for two Illume's film productions. Production funding was granted for a short documentary film Eyes of the war, which tells a story of children in Finnish civil war in 1918. The film will be directed by Jouko Aaltonen and Seppo Rustanius. 

Development funding was granted to a feature documentary film School of Hope, directed by Mohamed El Aboudi and produced by Pertti Veijalainen and Marianne Mäkelä. School of Hope tells about a nomad tribe struggling to get education for their children, and a young teacher trying to help them while suffering himself of the Government’s indifference toward rural regions. Climate change and overgrazing have brought poverty to the old nomad tribes of the High Plateau of Atlas in Morocco and forced them to partial settlement. The nomads are a proud people who value their freedom; they were the last people to resist colonial rule. Now faced with the changing environment and the necessity to settle down, they feel more lost than when wandering with their cattle in the endless desert. They’d need wells, electricity, health care and schools, but the Government is not interested in their troubles. 

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