A Communist’s Daughter

The Communist's Daughter is a documentary about Eila, who lived in the 1930s in Crimea as a refugee-child. Eila's father Mauri was a communist who had escaped across the border to the Soviet Union because of his sentence for a ruling on the preparation of state fraud. Father's fate was to become to one of the lost ones in Stalin's persecution. Rest of the family got back home. In Finland, Eila began to be ashamed of her red childhood. She tried to forget her father, their poverty, and all the judging eyes after they came back home. Eila built a wall around her and focused on working. She wanted to be successful and noticed that she was doing well as a entrepreneur in a prosperous Finland. Descendants do not remember Eila as an easy and humble person. Director Jani Peltonen also remembers his own fears towards this hard and mysterious woman. The Communist’s Daughter is a private time and public history.
It is the story of the disappearance of a nation and one family, hidden memories and general traumas. The film shows how close together all the small and big twists of the history are, and how fast people and their societies can change.


Alkuperäinen nimi Kommunistin tytär
Alkuperäiskieli Finnish
Tekstityskieli English
Genre Documentary, Shortfilm
Tuotantovuosi 2019
Kesto 25 min 26 s
Traileri https://vimeo.com/318406804


Ohjaus Jani Peltonen (myös käsikirjoitus)
Description Jarmo Kiuru
Leikkaus Tuomas Onttonen

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