Typhoon mama

Directors stepmother Yolanda, a Filipino woman married and living in Sweden, faces a balancing act for many immigrants: working a gruelling job as a maid to keep up with having to pay unrealistic remittances to her three sons back home in the Philippines. When a drug war breaks out, the family dynamics changes unexpectedly.


Original name Typhoon mama
Original language English, Finnish, Tagalog, Ilokano
Subtitles English
Genre Document
Production year 2019
Production country Finland
Running time 79 min 79 s


Direction Charlotta Lou Strömberg (also scriptwriter)
Script Lou Strömberg
Cinematography Lou Strömberg, Mikko Parttimaa
Sound design Olli Huhtanen
Composer Aural Holograms – Antti Haapapuro & Jussi Saivo
Editing Tuula Mehtonen
Translation Marko Pohjanrinne
Graphic Kaarina Tammisto
Producers Pertti Veijalainen, Marianne Mäkelä, Illume Oy
Production secretary Oona Saari, Jenny Timonen
Assistant Editors Toni Anttila, Leo Suonikko, Ilkka Kunttu
Post-production TOAST
Sound post Finnvox Cinepost

Screenings and awards


  • 24.11.2019 Yle Fem


  • 21.09.2019 Helsinki FF - Love & Anarchy

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