The Eyes of a War

The Finnish civil war in 1918 was also a children's war, with child soldiers on both sides. Children saw and experienced a lot, fought in battles, were wounded and executed also. But children also played on the ruins of the war and believed in their future. Reflections of Children in War is based on authentic photographs, and they speak for themselves. Each child, White and Red alike, is a victim of war.


Original name Sodan silmät 1918
Original language finnish
Subtitles english
Genre Documentary, short film
Production year 2018
Production country Finland
Running time 22 min


Direction Jouko Aaltonen (also scriptwriter)
Seppo Rustanius (also scriptwriter)
Cinematography Pekka Aine F.S.C
Sound design Martti Turunen
Composer Franz Schubert Kinderszenen, esittäjänä Tuija Hakkila
Editing Tuuli Kuittinen
Graphic Onni Aaltonen
Photojournalist Iisa Aaltonen
Photo-specialist Jukka Kukkonen
Production manager Jenny Timonen
Production secretary Oona Saari
Color correcting Antti Peltoranta
Assistant editor Antti Tuomikoski
Producer Jouko Aaltonen

Screenings and awards


  • 07.03.2019 Tampere Film Festival
  • 15.11.2018 Movies on War

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