Temples of Dreams

Beautiful and funny stories from old and new cinemas. Watching films in cinemas is loaded with strong feelings and powerful memories, erotic encounters, laughter, anger and sorrow - any possible human emotion is only ordinary in these Temples of Dreams. Film also tells about experiences of old projectionists and cinema owners in the era when film changes into digital bytes. A documentary about the common viewing experience, as told by a mixed group of people who feel passionate about film.


Original name Tunteiden temppelit
Original language Suomi
Genre Documentary
Production year 2015
Production country Finland
Running time 83 min
Trailer https://vimeo.com/145273781


Direction Jouko Aaltonen
Script Jouko Aaltonen, Henri Walter Rehnström ja Toni Puurtinen
Cinematography Timo Peltonen
Sound recording Martti Turunen, Juho Tanskanen
Composer Markku Kopisto
Editing Tuuli Kuittinen

Screenings and awards


  • 05.11.2015 Silvery Stars, Kuopio
  • 24.09.2015 Helsinki International Film Festival
  • 26.08.2015 Cinema Joensuu 2015
  • 01.01.2015 Pori Film Festival

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