Four lives on the seven seas

It is a dream for one person; a tool or means for another and for a third she is a reason to "just be." She is a small vessel in the middle of a raging storm that brings people nearer to the basic questions of Life. The journey is one of aptitude, experiencing new harbors, and living life. A well-built vessel can defy time and travel, and live many lives. Legendary ship-builder Colin Archer built Inaé just for these reasons.


Original name Neljä elämää seitsemällä merellä
Original language Finnish
Genre Documentary film
Production year 2007
Production country Finland
Running time 51 min


Direction Jouko Aaltonen (also scriptwriter)
Cinematography Timo Peltonen
Sound recording Martti Turunen
Sound design Martti Turunen
Composer Timo Tuovinen
Editing Jouko Aaltonen

Screenings and awards


  • 13.06.2009 YLE TV1


  • 06.10.2009 The Finnish Institute in Paris, France
  • 13.11.2008 Arctic & Fabulous Film Festival, Jyväskylä
  • 06.11.2008 Kettupäivät - Finnish Short Film and Documentary Festival


  • Pertti Veijalainen, Illume Oy

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