Revolution is a documentary musical about the 70’s generation’s fight for a better world and socialism. With songs and music, it paints a picture of a revolution that was lost. Music creates some distance and in many ways, depicts the experiences and spirit of the era much better than a regular interview-based documentary. The music provides a commentary and moves the film along, crystallizing the spirit of the revolution. The music also symbolizes the pomposity and rhetoric often so blatantly and comically at odds with the reality and everyday life.

In the 1970’s, revolution was a serious undertaking. The socialist world seemed like a real alternative. The movement seemed to offer a whole unified world where it would be easy to be on the right side - against anything old and reactionary. Songs played a central role in this revolution. The songs oozed fighting spirit, blood and images of war. Everywhere, program groups sprung up. The songs told stories of battles, solidarity, socialism, Vietnam, Chile, the Soviet Union, peace, imperialism, Ukrainian fields and oppression of the workers. But also about friendship and love. Some of the song have become classics and live on, even though the cause that bred them has died.

Music tells a story. Through the songs, we can see the history of the movement; in the beginning, the themes are general, pacifistic or humanistic, but gradually more outspoken and finally party political numbers emerge, swearing loyalty to the Communist Party and the Soviet Union. Questioning and doubts are replaced by the superiority of the cause. The songs reflect the movement’s change from general revolutionary aims to authoritarian and dogmatism.


Original name Kenen joukoissa seisot
Original language Finnish
Subtitles English
Genre Documentary musical
Production year 2006
Production country Finland
Running time 80 min


Direction Jouko Aaltonen (also scriptwriter)
Script Jouko Aaltonen
Cinematography Jussi Eerola, Timo Peltonen
Sound recording Paul Jyrälä, Miia Nevalainen
Sound design Paul Jyrälä, Miia Nevalainen
Editing Samu Heikkilä
Producer Pertti Veijalainen
Camera assistant Tiina Laine
Grip Hannu Teppola
Gaffer Jukka Ekman
Sound editor Joonas Jyrälä
Mixing Joonas Jyrälä
On-line-editing Ilmo Lintonen, Minus-Movie Oy
Color grading Greg Fisher, Digital Film Finland Oy
Production assistant Saara Will
Production trainee Simo Jantunen
Make-up Eeva Kinnunen
History-expert Jukka Relander

Screenings and awards


  • 01.01.2016 DocPoint
  • 13.10.2009 The Finnish Institute in Paris, France
  • 26.04.2008 Iris Film Festival, Sodankylä
  • 01.01.2007 Yamagata 2007 / Japan
  • 01.01.2007 Isola Cinema 2007 / Slovenia
  • 01.01.2007 Oslo Eurodok Festival / Norway
  • 01.01.2007 Lisbon International Independent Film Festival / Portugal
  • 01.01.2007 DocPoint
  • 12.12.2006 London Barbican Centre
  • 01.01.2006 Nordic Film Days in Lübeck
  • 01.01.2006 Black nights Film Festival / Estonia
  • 01.01.2006 Finnish Documentary Days in Sydney / Australia
  • 01.01.2006 Barbican Festival of Nordic Film, Northern Lights Film Festival / UK
  • 01.01.2006 Jussi Prize 2006 (Best Finnish Documentary Film)
  • 01.01.2006 State Quality Support
  • 01.01.2006 Thunder Bay Festival, Canada (People's Choice Award)
  • 01.01.2006 Laterna Magica Festival (Laterna Magica-prize)
  • 01.01.2006 Nordic Film Days in Lübeck 2006
  • 01.01.2006 Leipzig Documentray Film Festival 2006
  • 01.01.2006 Film Fest Hamburg 2006
  • 01.01.2006 Prix Europa -competition 2006
  • 01.01.2006 Jussi-candidacy 2006 also for best film, best music, best direction
  • 01.01.2006 Elokuvatuotannon laatutuki (Valition laatutuki)
  • 01.01.2006 Bay street film festival (people's choice award)
  • 01.01.2006 Tampere Film Festival
  • 01.01.2006 Midnight Sun Film Festival
  • 01.01.2006 Blue sea film festival


  • Pertti Veijalainen, Illume Oy

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