Road of Hunger

A documentary film about the road traffic and the Finnish Famine of 1866-68. From 1866 to 1868 at least 150 000 people died of hunger and diseases in Finland. The amount is terrifying, when taken into consideration that there were less than two million people in Finland at the time. There were many reasons for the famine, but also the underdevelopment of the traffic and transportation had an influence; the grain couldn’t be taken to those needing help.
The film follows a grain conveyance from Turku to Oulu. A horse caravan of over a hundred sleighs strived forward in the winter 1868 through the starving Finland. The people had left home and the roads were full of beggars. Many of them died on the road. What was the face of the famine like?


Original name Nälän tie
Genre Documentary / Teitten Tarinat -series
Production year 1999
Production country Finland
Running time 30 min


Direction Jouko Aaltonen (also scriptwriter)
Cinematography Pertti Veijalainen
Sound recording Tapio Kalliomäki & Matti Kuortti
Composer Heikki Valpola
Editing Jouni Hiltunen
Expert Tapani Mauranen
Reader Pertti Koivula
One-line-editointi Harri Vainio
Process shooter Seppo Rintasalo
Mixing Veijo Lehti
Typographic Pauliina Leino
Production manager Pauliina Leino
Producer Jouko Aaltonen

Screenings and awards


  • 01.01.1999 Kettudays
  • 30.11.-0001 Tampere Film Festival 2000 / Finland
  • 30.11.-0001 XI International Festival of Ethnographical Films


  • Pertti Veijalainen, Illume Oy

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