Kuninkaan matkassa

A part of the Teitten Tarinat –series. It was the year 1775. King Gustav III of Sweden had come into power two years earlier and he wished to become acquainted with the eastern parts of his kingdom; its administration, defence and roads. The retinue of the king was large and the schedule strict. Nearly 300 horses were needed along the way, and added to that a lot of peasants and other folk.
The second part of the series travels with Gustav III of Sweden through the then Finland. How was the eastern part of the kingdom seen through the king’s eyes? Who used the roads at the time, and how did one travel on them?


Original name Kuninkaan matkassa
Genre Documentary / Teitten Tarinat -series
Production year 1996
Production country Finland
Running time 30 min


Direction Jouko Aaltonen (also scriptwriter)
Script Jouko Aaltonen
Cinematography Pertti Veijalainen
Sound recording Matti Kuortti
Composer Heikki Valpola
Editing Jouni Hiltunen
Expert Tapio Salminen
Camera assistant Timo Räikkönen
On-line-editing Arvo Pylvänäinen
Reader Robert Enckell
Music recorder Tero Sortavalta
Mixing Anssi Tamminen
Process shooting Taisto Hietarinta
Typografic Tatu Berggren
Organizer Pirkko Hirn
Assistant director Tapio Kalliomäki

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