Five days on Ox Road

A part of Teitten Tarinat –series. Five days on Ox Road tells about the history and the present of the oldest main road in Finland. The Ox Road developed as the compound road between Southwest Finland and Tavastia in the 9th century at the latest. The furs hunted in the wilderness of Tavastia were taken from the harbours of the River Aura to Europe along the Ox Road, and also the effects of the western culture spread out to Central Finland via the Ox Road – and vice versa, the eastern culture to the west. The Ox Road has undergone both the soldiery and the glory of the royalty.

How was the Ox Road born? Who has used it, who has maintained it? When a peasant living in Tavastia left for Turku to buy furs in the year 1300, he spent five days to the outward journey. How was the Ox Road seen by him?


Original name Viisi päivää härkätiellä
Original language Finnish
Genre Documentary/ Teitten Tarinat -series
Production year 1994
Production country Finland
Running time 30 min


Direction Jouko Aaltonen (also scriptwriter)
Cinematography Pertti Veijalainen
Sound design Matti Kuortti
Composer Heikki Valpola
Editing Eero Jaakkola
Graphic Taty Berggren
Expert Jaakko Masonen
Assistant director Tapio Kalliomäki
Camera assistant Jouni Hiltunen
Process shooter Seppo Rintasalo
Sound editing & mixing Veijo Lehti
Reader Markku Huhtamo
Production assistant Pirkko Hirn


  • Pertti Veijalainen, Illume Oy

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