Taiga Nomads III

The Evenks live in Siberia, in the east side of the Jenisei River. There are approximately 28 000 Evenks. The autonomic Evenkiysky District is sparsely inhabited taiga. There are no roads and reindeer and helicopters are used as means of transport. Connections to the rest of the world are poor and the climate is harsh, especially in the winter; in December and January the temperature can be 50 degrees below zero. The primary sources of livelihood are reindeer management, hunting and fishing. The Evenks are nomands, who wander along with the reindeer. “Taiga Nomads” portrays the life of the Evenks in the last year of the Soviet administration.

The children of the reindeer breeders are taken to nurseries and schools for the winter. From their second year on the children will spend the long winter season away from their parents. What happens when they learn the Russian language and are socialized to the general Russian culture?


Original name Taigan kansalaisia III: Koulu keskellä kylää
Subtitles English
Genre Documentary
Production year 1992
Production country Finland
Running time 56 min


Direction Jouko Aaltonen (also scriptwriter)
Heimo Lappalainen (also scriptwriter)
Cinematography Pertti Veijalainen
Sound recording Jouko Aaltonen
Editing Jouko Aaltonen
Translation Natalia Glukhova
Sound mixer Matti Nuotio
Interpreter & production assistant Natalia Glukhova
Producer Jouko Aaltonen & Heimo Lappalainen
Sound editor Matti Kuortti
Color grading Seppo Virtanen, YLE

Screenings and awards


  • 30.11.-0001 Göttingen film festival 1993: Main Prize / Germany
  • 30.11.-0001 Pärnu Film Festival 1993: Grand Prize / Estonia
  • 30.11.-0001 Fondazione Medikinale International Parma 1993: Prix Leonardo, Festival dei Popoli Florence / Italy
  • 30.11.-0001 Northern Traveling Film Festival 2004 / Russia
  • 30.11.-0001 Finnish State Quality Support, Tampere International Short Film Festival, Midnight Sun Film Festival Sodankylä, Espoo Cine / Finland
  • 30.11.-0001 Margaret Mead Film Festival / USA
  • 30.11.-0001 NAFA Film Festival Reykjavik / Iceland
  • 30.11.-0001 Pariisin Suomen Instituutti kevät 2005


  • Pertti Veijalainen, Illume Oy

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